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This introductory course will provide an insight into the basic design, construction and piloting of underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

During this one-day course students will learn about the historical background behind underwater ROVs, before applying themselves in the design, construction and piloting of ROVs that they have built themselves.  Students will gain practical experience in designing and constructing their own ROV and following piloting trials, learn (mostly by trial & error) how to perfect their designs and hence the important basic principles behind ROVs including manoeuvrability, performance, buoyancy, etc.  

Theory and initial construction sessions will be held in a classroom with the practical trials and piloting sessions taking place in an outdoor swimming pool.

Anyone with an interest in Remotely Operated Vehicles particularly the practical aspects of their design, construction and operation. No prior knowledge required.

NAS Members will receive 5 credits for attending this course, which can be put towards their NAS Certificate or Award.

 09:00   Welcome, NAS opportunities and Introductions
 09:15   An Introduction to ROVs, their History, Types and Functions
 10:00   Outline of the Practical ROV Design, Construction and Piloting Exercises
 10:15   Practical Team Design Session
 10:30   Break  
 10:45   Practical Team Construction Session
 12:15   Initial Underwater Trials
 13:00   Lunch
 13:45   Fine-tuning! / Re-design! / Re-building!
 14:30   Final Underwater Trials
 15:00   Performance Comparisons
 16:00   Final Analysis, Discussions & Conclusions
 17:00   Course End

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