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Participants will gain an understanding of how to use computer programmes to create digital illustrations of artefacts. Using supplied digital images of real artefacts, participants will learn how to digitally draw them. Online lectures will be combined with set illustration tasks to provide an interactive and practical online experience. Under expert online guidance, participants will produce an illustration of an item of pottery and a small find made of wood, metal or leather.

This course is part of a series of training events to create a team of volunteers to illustrate the hundreds of artefacts recently raised from HMS Invincible. Course participants can be part of this team.


The expert tutor will be Mark Hoyle BA(hon);P.G.C.E.;MAAIS; MIfA a field archaeologist and archaeological illustrator with 27 years experience. He is currently a full member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists - Graphics Archaeology Group (CIfA). Mark has a background in teaching and has run many successful archaeological illustration courses for  the general public and specialist groups and this is the third course he has run for NAS! See some of his work at

This course is for anyone interested in developing their existing Archaeological Illustration skills into the digital realm. Divers, beachcombers, and avocational archaeologists will find this course interesting as it will teach them that through the detailed observations required for an archaeological illustration, more information can be gleaned from an artefact that might not be observed during rapid photographic recording techniques. This course will also be useful for people wanting to create their own publication figures. 

NAS members will earn 5 credits per day towards their Certificate or Award.

Computer with a mouse
 Stable internet connection
 Adobe Suite 30-day free trial

NAS members £40
 Non-NAS members £80 (although as NAS membership starts at £12, you're better off becoming a member and getting the discount rate immediately!)

Timetable (provisional and subject to change)

09:00   Introductions

09:30   Introduction on the history of archaeological illustration including digital methods.

09:50   Overview of the Adobe Creative Suite including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

10:45   Tea break

11:00   Loading a scan to scale, locking (using layers) and digital tracing in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

12:00   Lunch

12:45   Recording pottery and metal objects with differing techniques using Illustrator

14:30   Tea break

14:45   Recording techniques using Illustrator (continued)

15:15   Pen widths and layout techniques

15:45   Questions

16:00   Getting involved with NAS illustration projects

16:30   Course end