IKUWA6: Sponsors and Patrons

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Dirk Hartog IKUWA6 Partner & Major Sponsor

Named after Dutch seafarer, Dirk Hartog, who represents the first recorded European landing in Shark Bay, Western Australia, on 25 October 1616



The Western Australian Museum was also the Official Host of IKUWA6



Lexington & Major Sponsor

Named after the Lexington shipwreck, scuttled in Australian waters, in 1942 

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Correio da Azia Sponsor

Named after the Correio da Azia (1816) shipwreck in Western Australia's Ningaloo Reef, Point Cloates

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Sanyo Maru Sponsor

Named after the Japanese pearling 'mother ship', Sanyo Maru, which sank in 1937 off Australia's Northern Territory




Captain Cook Sponsor

Named after the British explorer, navigator, cartographer and captain, James Cook.




Marege' Sponsor

Named after the Makassan appellation for Arnhem Land (Northern Territory), a testimony of the cross-cultural contact between Indigenous Australians and the peoples of Makassar (Indonesia)

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Exclusive Welcome Reception Sponsor



Exclusive Social & Networking Night Sponsor

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Exclusive IKUWA6 Proceedings Publication Sponsor

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The IKUWA6 Organising Committee would like to thank the following organisations / institutions for granting patronage to IKUWA6, thereby supporting and endorsing the principles of the event.


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