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On the foreshore

At various times in the year the Nautical Archaeology Society runs taught training fieldschools for people working through the Education Programme who want to hone their on-site recording techniques.

As well as practicing archaeological skills, participants will be adding valuable information to the archaeological record. Some fieldschools will be run on the same sites each year, to allow those attending to contribute to the completion of site plans, through surveys, drawings and photographs, whilst others will visit new sites, recording previously undocumented features or working towards site identification.

Join us for a fun (though sometimes wet and muddy) weekend!

What to expect 

Most fieldschools will be run over a weekend, but this varies depending on the ability to get to site. The skills and techniques learnt on each fieldschool also vary so we recomend that you check the details for the particular fieldschool you are interested in. 

Who Runs them?

We often work with partner organisations to run these fieldschools such as: the Thames Discovery Programme in London; the Malvern Archaeological Diving Unit in Wales, Promare in the south-west and the SCAPE Trust in Scotland as well as the CITiZAN team.  NAS Tutors will be working with the help of our partners and supporters and all our diving operations are managed by competent registered NAS Diving Supervisors who will have experience of managing diving operations on archaeological sites.

Fieldschool Venues

Keep an eye on the NAS calendar, social media pages and the NAS weekly update for additional information on upcoming fieldschools. 

Further fieldschools and alternative venues can be arranged throughout the year, please contact the NAS Office for more information. 

Booking Policy

To book a place on a fieldschool, please contact the NAS Office and please refer to the NAS Booking Policy for full terms and conditions.