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What is the NAS Education Programme?

The NAS International Education Programme has been delivering courses in maritime archaeology since 1986. The programme aims to provide not just an introduction to the subject but also to offer people a chance to get involved: whether on site or in a library, you can build your skills and experience, and take part in projects and fieldwork with other enthusiasts around the world.

As part of the Education Programme we offer Recorder and Surveyor Skills Days and ELearning courses: Introduction to Maritime Archaeology, Intertidal & Terrestrial Archaeology and Underwater Archaeology. We also run a range of courses on specific topics: you can build your own log boat or learn about WWII wrecks, gain an understanding of geophysics or learn how to draw archaeological finds. The programme is open to everybody and most of our courses require no prior learning or qualifications. Whether you’re a student, sport diver, archaeologist or history buff, you’ll enjoy spending time with us!

The current courses can be found and booked on the membership and events portal here.

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This was a great introduction to the subject, and the course was easily as good if not better than some Open University courses I have taken’.

I would recommend NAS ELearning, it is a wonderful opportunity to begin a lifetime interest in nautical archaeology’.

I couldn’t recommend the NAS courses enough, if you’ve been wondering whether to get involved, do it, you won’t regret it’.


Can I gain credit for the courses I take?

The NAS International Education Programme is aligned with the National Occupation Standards (NOS) for Archaeological Practice. NOS’s describe the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to undertake a particular task or job to a nationally recognised level of competence. They are the building blocks of the National Vocational Qualification NVQ in Archaeological Practice. By aligning with the NOS, the NAS Education Programme is teaching skills needed by practicing archaeologists. The full suite of NOS’s is hosted at the Training Online Resource Centre (TORC) website

For more information on each of the different modules of the NAS Education Programme please follow the links when you hover over the Education menu above.

What courses can I take outside of the UK?

The NAS has many partner organisations around the world, so if you are interested in courses outside of the UK, please visit our International pages to see if there is a partner organisation in your area. If there is no one nearby, don't worry – if you have a group who are interested we can always come to you!

Who are the NAS Tutors?

NAS Tutors are based around the world and have a variety of different backgrounds. They have a wide range of experience and expertise from working on the foreshore, on dry land and underwater.

Do I have to be a diver to be involved?

Not at all! The NAS offers courses in maritime archaeology on terrestrial, intertidal and foreshore sites. There is something for everyone – whether you wish to take part in research, experimental archaeology or on site surveys. 

I’m a BSAC member: can I get BSAC credit for taking a course?

BSAC members can now apply for a ‘Recognition of Special Interest Training Card’ for their completed a NAS Certificate. You simply need to complete the application form and we will confirm your course details and sign the form for you to return to BSAC along with a photograph and payment. This is also available retrospectively to any BSAC members who have already completed training with the NAS and would like to apply for a card. For more information please contact the NAS Office. With the NAS Education Programme you decide your level of involvement.

BSAC members can also receive 5 NAS credits per day for attending a BSAC Wreck Appreciation Course. 

If I have done the PADI Wreck Detective Course, what do I do next?

The PADI Wreck Detective Course equates to the NAS Recorder Day and if you wish to continue learning and to work through the NAS Education Programme your next step will be to complete the ELearning course Introduction to Maritime Archaeology

What about the old NAS Training Programme?

In November 2015 the Society's Executive Board of Trustees reviewed the Training Programme and redesigned it into the Education Programme. All UK students are automatically transfered to this new Education Programme which is explained in the document below. International students who are learning with an NAS International Partner can carry on with the Training Programme currently being used by that partner organisation. International students who are not associated with a International Partner can carry on with the old Training Progamme or transition to the new Education Programme for the time being. 

The NAS Education Programme

How do I transition from the old Programme to the new one?

Take a look at this document to see how you can easily transition from the old NAS Training Programme to the new NAS Education Programme if you are here in the UK. If you still have questions feel free to get in touch with us at the NAS office.

Transitioning help