Directors and Trustees

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   Brian Minehane - chair

Brian is a recreational diver and an avocational maritime archaeologist. He joined the NAS in 2011 and has completed the complete NAS training programme, including the original Part IV. He joined the Executive Committee in 2014, the Management Committee in 2015 and took on the Chair at the November 2016 AGM. Brian lives and works between London and Dublin.

Mike Williams



Mike Williams - secretary

Mike is honorary secretary of the NAS and is a senior lecturer in law at the University of Wolverhampton. He is retained as an advisor to the Crown Estate on foreshore and seabed matters.


Steve Harvey - Treasurer

Steve has come to the NAS with a track record of delivering business and IT change in a wide range of industries.  During his career he has also held senior management positions within a business consultancy and was latterly IT Director of a large UK Grain Trading Company.  His experience has given him a strong commercial understanding of business and his consultancy approach is focussed on helping organisations achieve significant change over a short period of time.


  Helen Ohlsson - Trustee

Helen, a confirmed non-diver, has been a member of NAS since 2012 and has attended many NAS training courses. She has recently completed a part-time BA in Archaeology at the University of Cambridge. Helen’s early career was spent in banking though she is currently a consultant advising commercial SME’s

Dave Johnston


 David Johnston - Trustee

Dave is a sports diver and an avocational maritime archaeologist. He joined the NAS in the late 1990s to participate in WreckMap projects. He is now a NAS senior tutor and member of the NAS Management Committee. Outside of NAS he is logistics officer for the Warship Hazardous Project.


  Dick Millard - Trustee

Dick has been diving, mainly in the UK, for 25 years and he is a PADI and BSAC Instructor.  He completed his NAS Part I in 1998.  After a long stretch in the City, Dick is now a Rowing Coach and lives in London.


   Dr Damian Robinson - Trustee

Damian is a Senior Research Fellow in Maritime Archaeology at the University of Oxford, where he is the Director of the Centre for Maritime Archaeology. He works with the European Institute for Underwater Archaeology on the research and publication of the submerged landscapes of the Canopic coast of Egypt, where he is also excavating an Egyptian river going cargo vessel known as a baris


   Tim Parker - Trustee

Tim joined the NAS in May 2008. As a lapsed recreational diver, his focus is coastal and foreshore archaeology, like the Forton Lake Project, which provided the material for his Part 2 Project. He is currently a serving Naval Engineer Officer, living in Portsmouth and soon to embark on a second career as a cyber security consultant.


  Dr Simon Trafford - Trustee

Simon is a recreational diver with BSAC and a member of the NAS since 2011. He a lecturer in medieval history in the Institute of Historical Research at the University of London.


Alison James  Alison James - Trustee

Alison joined the Board of Trustees in 2018. Alison is a Project Manager for MSDS Marine with extensive experience in the management of historic shipwreck sites, volunteer involvement, community engagement and education initiatives.