Archaeological investigations of a submerged river bed positioned just downstream of the twelfth century Elvet Bridge in Durham City, County Durham, have revealed an important multi-period underwater archaeological site. This site has eventually yielded a significant collection of typically small metal finds, the total number of which now stands at some 12,000 objects.

This remarkable collection of objects has been described as 'a major research facility, probably the largest collection of late- and post-medieval finds in the North of England: a unique regional/national resource'.

Help is required to record and research the objects using traditional archaeological skills from finds drawing to comparative analysis and developing typologies. It is envisaged that this material will be published in volumes of a popular archaeology monograph series.

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Support the project...

In recent years, regional interest in the Durham River Wear Assemblage has been steadily growing. A series of talks and public lectures, to a diverse range of groups and institutions, together with local media interest has helped raise awareness of the objects, their importance to our local heritage and their potential to provide us with a new understanding of Durham's late- and post-medieval past. 

Although the team have several small finds experts standing by, their expertise comes at a cost, in addition, illustrating and photographing hundreds of objects will require additional funding. However, this is where you can help us.

The Dive Into Durham team are trying to raise funds to support each aspect of their research project - analysisresearchillustrating and photography.

You can make a donation as an individual or as a representative of a group/institution; the size of your donation could be sufficient to fund a single object illustration or photograph, or large enough to support the research of an entire group of artefacts - the choice is completely up you!