Arthur Mack: Old Man of the Sea

Publication Date: 30th June 2020
ISBN: 979-863823287-0

Paperback - 124 pages

Lifelong Portsmouth resident Arthur Mack was born into poverty and hardship at the time of the Great Depression. By the age of seven he was scavenging the mud of Portsmouth Harbour to help support his family. Having survived the World War II Blitz he became a career fisherman, relying on his luck, strength and wits to earn a living from the Solent.

His affinity with the sea, uncanny luck and curiosity netted Arthur finds of antiquities and artefacts from thousands of years of human activity in coastal Hampshire. His archaeological discoveries can be found in museums throughout southern England, and his contributions to maritime historical knowledge are documented worldwide.

He will chiefly be remembered for the discovery and exploration of the wreck of the first HMS Invincible, a pivotal influence on 18th century warship design and technological bridge between the Mary Rose and the Victory.

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