An online course in partnership with CITiZAN

Saturday 1st August

If you have credit from cancelled NAS courses and would like to attend this course - DO NOT BOOK ONLINE. Please contact [email protected] and we will sort out your booking for you. 

Have you ever been walking along a UK beach and seen rows of spikes sticking out of the sand? Or wondered what on earth are the concrete blocks along the foreshore? Wonder no more. 

This course will provide an introduction to the history of Second World War coastal defences in the UK. Participants will gain an understanding of the different types of coastal defences employed across the country and will learn how to recognise them. Through a combination of presentations, online practicals and virtual site walks, participants will learn how to recognise the remains of pillboxes and anti-tank obstacles and will be able to interpret how the physical remains reflect the contemporary defence strategy. They will also gain experience of the many resources available to research and record these archaeological remains.

The course is aimed at individuals undertaking the NAS Training programme and those volunteering with CITiZAN, as well as professional archaeologists wanting to improve their ability to recognise, understand and record coastal defences from the Second World War.

NAS members will earn 5 credits for attending

A computer or tablet (phone screens are a bit small to look at for the whole day) with a good internet connection is essential. A built-in or external webcam and microphone are optional. A week before the course you will receive an invitation to the online course session which will be run through GoToMeeting. This is an online video conferencing programme that can be run directly through the internet or you get better connection if you download the small programme - it only takes a minute to do. 

If you are concerned about your computer set up, please contact the organiser at [email protected] for a test run before the course.

NAS members £30 
Non-NAS members £60 (although as NAS membership starts at £12, you're better off becoming a member and getting the discount rate immediately!)

Chris Kolonko is a Community Archaeologist for the Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeology Network. with over 15 years’ experience of researching, recording and interpreting 20th century military sites in the UK. His main areas of expertise include the defensive landscape and military structures of 1940s Britain and the First World War practice trench systems used to prepare soldiers for the Western Front. 

TIMETABLE in British Summer Time

10:00     Log on, online etiquette, introductions

10:15     Introduction to coastal defences (presentation)

11:00     Questions and break

11:15     Overview of types and range of defences (presentation)

12:15     Recognising coastal defences: matching descriptions with photos (practical)

12:30     Lunch break       

13:00     Virtual low-tide trail

14:00     Questions and break

14:15     Sources of information for research (presentation and practical research)

15:00     Questions and break

15:15     Recording heritage, Sketchfab and using the CITiZAN app

16:15     Get involved with NAS and Feedback.

16:30     Course finishes