Course Aims

Learn the practical skills required to create 3D photogrammetry models of maritime artefacts and sites underwater. This course aims to introduce participants to the photogrammetry techniques involved in recording maritime archaeology artefacts and sites and give them hands-on experience of this process.

Martin Davies has been an underwater photographer for almost forty years. He is a commercial diver and professional photographer who has considerable experience in underwater photogrammetry, particularly of archaeological sites.

This course is for anyone involved in the NAS Education Programme and particularly for professional or avocational archaeologists who want to learn how to make 3D digital models of their artefacts or sites. 

NAS members will earn 5 credits per day towards their Certificate or Award.

NAS members £190
Non-NAS members £230 (although as NAS membership starts at £20, you're better off becoming a member and getting the discount rate immediately!)

Timetable provisional and subject to change 

Day 1

09.30  Welcome and introduction to the course                                                          

09.45  Revision and questions from eLearning 

10.15  Setting up your camera                                                        

10.30  Capturing a data set (dry practical)                                   

11.00  Tea Break

11.15  Processing a data set

12.30  Lunch/Capturing a second data set (wet practical)

14.30  Processing a data set

16.00  Results Discussion

16.30  End of day

Day 2

09.30  meet, discussion about yesterday

10.00  Capturing a data set (wet practical)

11.30  Processing a data set

12.30  Trouble shooting common problems

13.00  Capturing a data set (wet practical)

14.30  Processing a data set

16.00  Learning more with NAS

16:30  Course End