Join NAS members on a series of events exploring the heritage and research potential in Southampton. We'll be focusing on locally housed archives and the local connections to the Titanic.

Thursday 27th June

10:45 Small Boats Archive Project Information Session
Over the years, a significant collection of plans and photographs of small boats has been created, based on the large collection of vernacular boats that used to be in Exeter Maritime Museum. Come and view an maritime heritage archive in development and see if you want to be part of the volunteer team making it accessible for public research.

14:00 Honor Frost Archive Tour
The Honor Frost Archive is a comprehensive collected record of a formidable woman who contributed to the beginning and development of underwater archaeology. Come and view some of the highlights of this collection and see what research avenues await you!

There is such a strong connection between Southampton and the Titanic tragedy. And there is evidence everywhere - if you know where to look. Southampton Old Cemetery is the final resting place and memorial for many locals who perished in the Titanic wreck. Learn about their stories in life and death on this tour of the old cemetery. 

Friday 28th June
9:45 Titanic - local connections talk
This talk unpicks some of the Titanic stories related to Southampton and explores some of the less well-known Titanic stories, including the ‘unknown first captain’, the sailor who blamed himself for the sinking despite being hundreds of miles away and the family leaving the town to make their fortune in Kansas City.  

Come on a tour of SS Shieldhall and find out about the construction methods and ship technology of the era similar to the Titanic. Expert volunteer guides will take us on a tour of this historic vessel that has similar machinery to the Titanic (but smaller!). We'll also hear about this history of this remarkable vessel and how volunteers and a lot of hard work have kept the vessel afloat.

Saturday 29th June
Spend a leisurely day on the Solent, enjoying the spectacle of the Round the Island Yacht Race from the great viewing platform of the Shieldhall! The race regularly attracts over 1,700 boats and around 16,000 sailors, making it one of the largest yacht races in the world and the fourth largest participation sporting event in the UK after the London Marathon and the Great North and South Runs.