Wrecks are an amazing habitat for wildlife. Come to this course and find out what marine critters you’re likely to encounter on a wreck and how you can contribute to the recording and reporting of our threatened marine life.

Participants will receive Seasearch and NAS qualifications from this course.

This two-day course is an introduction to divers who are new to Seasearch and new to marine recording. At the end of the course you should be able to complete the Seasearch Observation Form and take part in Seaseach dives either on your own, with your club or on dive organised by Seasearch partners.


During the course you'll learn about Seaseach - its aims, history and achievements. You'll get a basic introduction to the variety of marine life in British and Irish waters and learn to recognise and classify marine habitats, particularly those that develop around wreck sites. You'll also learn position fixing and how to fill in the Observation Form.

The first day concludes with a 'video dive' and an opportunity to fill in a form without even getting wet! The second day will provide the opportunity to do one or two actual dives to put your new skills and knowledge into practice!

First day costs £80 for classroom session at Beadnell. 

Second optional day costs £45 for two dives on Farnes Explorer RIB out of Seahouses. Payment to be made on the day.