This one day course will focus on equipping participants to confidently run maritime heritage related public engagement activities for a wide variety of audiences. It will cover ways of engaging with the public, how to decide on aims and objectives, picking a target audience, activity design, running an activity, using technology and social media & evaluation methods. 

Participants are encouraged to come with ideas of either a current maritime project that needs a public engagement programme or an audience they would like to work with in the future to workshop and develop (but this is not necessary). You will be working both individually and in groups to develop activities on the day. 

This course would be useful for anyone who would like to engage the public on a project but is unsure of where to start or for those who are looking for different ways to engage. 

Participants may also be interested in attending the Online public engagement for an increasingly digital world course the following day.

NAS members will receive 5 credits towards their Certificate or Award