This course aims to give attendees practical and theoretical experience of content creation for promotion and public engagement online, from ideation to creation, uploading and evaluating. 

From exploring the effectiveness of different types of content and online platforms, and investigating the refining of target audiences and messages, the course aims to give attendees the skills to develop their own online campaigns and create effective, targeted content. 

This course also aims to give attendees practical experience of creating designed content for social media, including a short promotional video, which can be used to promote a cause/event of their choosing. Through focus on easy to grasp and cheaply available editing and design software, this course aims to give lay people an introduction to the world of effective content creation and equip them with hints and tips to make professional looking content.  

Anyone who wants to improve their online engagement skills and learn effective ways of sharing their maritime archaeology discoveries with the online world.

Participants may be interested in attending the Public Engagement - the big picture the day before.

NAS members will receive 5 credits towards their Certificate or Award.

**This course focuses on online platforms and social media. Participants must have a basic knowledge of social media, and must have a smart phone with a working camera**