Under expert guidance from the Guild of Knot Tyers, come and get a basic understanding of the wide variety of knots. Learn about practical knots and pretty knots. Find out what is the best sort of knot to use in particular situations. Over the weekend, and as you learn different techniques, you will create your very own deck stopper (see photo above) to take home with you. 

During the two day course you will transfer the theory of knot tying into ‘hands on skills’, ranging from basic knot tying, to an elevated level of applied practical rope work. You'll learn how to identify knots, bends and hitches, with the aim of making a deck stopper over the course of a weekend.

By the end of the weekend you will understand the difference between hand tight and hauled tight. You will also learn, while in a workshop scenario, to understand the findings of rope remains discovered in wet site archaeology and to use correct knot terminology to describe your findings.

Topics covered will include

  • Introduction to knots, bends and hitches, and the tools used for knot craft
  • Identify component parts of a deck stopper
  • Discover methods of grasping cordage and wire while it is worked
  • Understanding bullseyes, dead eyes and tackles
  • Modern tools and their uses
  • Hauling, heaving and serving