The wreck of HMS Investigator

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Photo:  The book offers a beautiful rendition of images of the crew from HMS Investigator Photo: CNW Group/Parks Canada

Parks Canada has launched a new book on the story and discovery of the sunken HMS Investigator and its significance to Arctic exploration.

Investigator was one of the vessels that set out to locate the ill-fated Franklin expedition in 1850. Although it failed in its original mission it became famous for discovering the fabled Northwest Passage.

The vessel made two voyages to the Arctic and had to be abandoned in 1853 after becoming trapped in the ice.

The wreck of Investigator was discovered in 2010 by Parks Canada with Marc-André Bernier, Chief Underwater Archaeology Services, eventually finding the wreck off the shores of Banks Islands in the Northwest Territories just outside of Aulavik National Park.

Mr Bernier said: “We were jubilant. Not only was finding the wreckage an incredibly exciting moment, but to find it in better condition than expected, sitting upright, made one feel as if it had been mysteriously waiting for us, all this time. It was surreal."

The new book ‘Lost beneath the Ice’ features the first ever photos of the wreck. For more information visit: