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The NAS iSupport the NASs dedicated to advancing education in nautical archaeology at all levels; to improving techniques in recording, conservation and reporting; and to encourage the participation of members of the public at all stages.
The society aims to preserve our archaeological heritage in the marine environment, by acting as a focus for coastal and marine archaeology.

To do this we need to involve everyone - divers and non-divers, scientists, historians and anyone with an interest. Our underwater heritage is not renewable, and is at constant threat from natural and human factors.

If you would like to make a donation to support the NAS’s work you can do so in a variety of ways; You can join our 100 Club, or make donations through the Big Give, shop online through Give as you Live or The Giving Machine and your favourite shop will make a donation for you! Leave a legacy donation or make a one off gift to the Society. Follow the links to find out more.

However you choose to support our work, we are extremely grateful. Our outreach activities are reliant on voluntary donations and every penny really does count! Thank you.