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Mark Beattie-EdwardsMark Beattie-Edwards - CEO
Mark joined the Nautical Archaeology Society in 2001 as a training officer and is now the NAS CEO, responsible for the day to day operation of NAS. He is currently the licencee of the Holland 5 protected wreck site and licencee for the Norman’s Bay protected wreck.

education manager - currently vacant
The education manager's primary role is to run and maintain the NAS education programme. At the moment (September 2016) this function is temporarily being undertaken by a volunteer

Gary Green

Gary Green - NAS north-east coordinator
Gary, a former Merchant Navy engineer and archaeologist, joined the NAS back in the late 1990s, becoming regional coordinator in 2001. Since then, he has developed many projects focusing on increasing public participation and raising awareness of maritime archaeology in the north-east.

Chris UnderwoodChris Underwood - international development officer
Chris has been associated with the Society’s training programme since 1986, as both NAS training officer and project director. He continues to run NAS courses in Latin America and academic courses for students at the University of Buenos Aires. He has a Masters degree in Maritime Archaeology, as well as professional diving qualifications.

Miranda RichardsonMiranda Richardson - IJNA editor
Miranda is the Editor of the IJNA for the NAS, and she started work on 1st June 2012. She is based in France but regularly attends NAS meetings and events in the UK.