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Working at Purton

Purton is home to the UKs largest ships graveyard, with over 80 vessels located along the banks of the River Severn. Originally used to strengthen the banks between the canal and the river, many of these vessels are unique examples which are slowly being destroyed by both natural and human forces. 

Work has been undertaken to protect, record and monitor these sites by the NAS and the Friends of Purton and more information on the project can be found on the Friends of Purton website.  The vessels recorded during a NAS Fieldschool at Purton will be chosen in conjunction with the Friends of Purton, to help meet their specific research aims and ensure that the vessels disappearing quickest are fully recorded, this will ensure that meaningful work continues to be undertaken, contributing to the knowledge and understanding of this unique site.

Remember you can join the NAS for the fieldschool in Purton, whether you are working through the ELearning programme, you wish to refresh your skills, collect data for a NAS Part 2 report or for fieldwork experience to count towards your Part 4 Diploma. Don't forget if you are attending the fieldschool as part of your ELearning course, you will need to complete the theory elements before taking part.

Where is it? Purton is located close to J13 and J14 of the M5, making this site easily accessible from both the midlands and the south west of England. Use the post code GL13 9HU for sat navs/directions. The Fieldschool will make use of the Phyllis Collect Room which is an extension to the church of St. John the Evangelist, Purton and parking is available in the village car park opposite the church.

There are limited accommodation options in the immediate vicinity of the site however some accommodation can be found in Sharpness and Berkeley, just a few miles from Purton.

Qualifications and Equipment: This is a dry fieldschool so there are no additional qualifications required. All of the necessary survey equipment will be provided by the NAS.

For more information or to book a place on the Purton Fieldschool, please contact the NAS Office or download a booking form.