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NAS Part 2: Intermediate certificate in foreshore and underwater archaeology

What does the Certificate involve?

The NAS Part 2 does not involve a formal taught course in the same way as the Introduction and Part 1 Certificates. It is a self-led certification, however the NAS are on hand to provide advice and guidance to those working through the certificate.

The NAS Part 2 Certificate is divided into two components, the completion of a short survey project and two days of conference or heritage day attendance, offering the opportunity to put some of the skills you have learnt into practice and to broaden your knowledge of current archaeology work and debates.Part II

Who can get involved?

The Part 2 Certificate is open to anyone who has previously completed the NAS Introduction Course. However the certificate will not be awarded until the Part 1 Course has been successfully completed.

The course is open to both divers and non-divers and there will be no difference in the qualification awarded. The certificate is open to all ages and and there are no other pre-requisties for the certification.

Attendance of the equivalent of 2 days of archaeological conferences or Heritage Days:

The first component of the NAS Part 2 requires participants to broaden their knowledge of archaeology. This is achieved through attendance at archaeological conferences, lectures or seminars or through participation in heritage events. Participants may reach the requirement through two full days (approximately 8 hours per day) at conferences or events or a combination of both, or through attending a series of shorter events to reach the required number of hours.

Conferences do not have to be specifically related to maritime or nautical archaeology but should relate to the discipline of archaeology as a whole. If you are not sure whether a conference or event is suitable for Part 2 accreditation please contact the NAS Office for guidance.

The NAS Calendar includes a list of suitable conferences for the NAS Part 2, including the NAS Annual Conference. More information on international conferences can also be found by following this link.

Heritage events should have clearly defined aims and objectives. The NAS has run Heritage Days, looking at how our archaeology is conserved, curated, displayed and interpreted for the general public. These have included day on UK Protected Wreck Sites such as the A1 submarine and the Duart Point Wreck. Along with trips to museums and historic ships which have incorporated behind the scenes tours and a chance to meet the curators. These have been run to the SS Great Britain, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, The Vasa Museum, HMS Belfast and the Cutty Sark.

Participants will need to have their attendance confirmed by the conference/event organiser, or a NAS tutor on their Part 2 Attendance Record Form or in the appropriate section of their Training Record Card.

NAS Part 2 report:

The NAS Part 2 report should be a write up of a small survey project that you have undertaken. The report is not intended to be an in depth project report covering several years of fieldwork and research. But rather a method of demonstrating that you have understood and were able to implement the survey methods taught during the Introduction and Part 1 Courses and can put this together with a small amount of background research on the site.

The site surveyed could be on the foreshore, underwater or on dryland, and does not need to have a nautical or maritime connection. You may also tackle only one small element of a larger site for your report. The survey project can be undertaken as an individual or as a group, you may have your own research project you would like to carry out, or you might choose to join a NAS project in order to collect your survey data.

A set of guidance notes and information on writing an abstract for your report has been provided by the NAS, to help you complete your report and if you have any questions or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the NAS Office. Completed reports should be sent to the NAS Office along with the submission form below.

Project guidance notes (pdf)

Abstract Guidelines (pdf)

Part II Project Submission Form (pdf)

Example NAS Part 2 Reports can be found by clicking here.