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NASAC is a volunteer-run archaeological dive club affiliated to the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) and is run by NAS members for NAS members.

The club operates as a branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club (Branch 2574) and welcomes divers from all of the training agencies. The aim of the club is to develop members’ diving and archaeological skills through involvement in specific projects.

It doesn’t teach diving but aims to develop members’ skills through specific projects predominantly based along the UK’s south coast.

Ongoing projects include ongoing survey of the Normans' Bay protected wreck site close to Eastbourne, which is probably the remains of a Dutch ship from the Battle of Beachy Head in July 1690.

Club members are also involved in the HMS Invincible project. The Invincible, wrecked on Horse Tail Sands, near Langstone Harbour, in 1758, is a protected wreck site which is currently being resurveyed to monitor changes since the 1990s.

Several club members are licensees of Protected Wreck sites, affording the club unique project opportunities. Guest divers with archaeological interests are welcome to join in club activities.

For more information please visit the club website.