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Full individual members get access to articles published on the NAS website throughout the year- click here for more information and links to recently published articles.


Back issues of the original "Nautical Archaeology" Newsletter from 2003 are available to download in the members area of the website.

All members and friends of the NAS are encouraged to submit articles for the online newsfeed. Whether it is a project report, a question you are trying to get answered or views on policy or new developments within maritime archaeology, the editor would like to know.

For more information on writing for the NAS Online Newsfeed please see the notes below.

The editor of Nautical Archaeology is always looking for contributions and welcomes input   from   NAS   members,  contributions from   anyone   involved   in   maritime archaeology are also invited. The following is  a brief guide to writing an article for the Online Newsfeed:

Have  you  been  involved  in  a  maritime  archaeological  project  recently?  Have  you attended  an  NAS  training  course  or  other  activity?  Do  you  want  to  share  your archaeological experiences with other members? Do you have any advice you’d like to  impart  to  others?  Have  you  come  across  an  unusual  artefact  that  you  need  help identifying?  Would  you  like  to  write  about  new  developments  in  the  Society,  in  the field of maritime archaeology, or in heritage and policy issues? If there is something you think members should know about, why not contact the editor and let him know?

If you have an idea for an article please email the editor, the following guidelines let you know what to do next and what to expect when submitting an article:
•     The  editor  will  be  delighted  to  discuss  ideas  with  you.  Please  contact  him BEFORE you start writing, this will enable him to plan the edition and she can let you know how many words are needed as well as discussing content
•     Please  stick  to  the  deadline  and  word  limit  given  to  you  by  the  editor.  If  for some  reason  you  cannot  deliver  the  article,  let  the  editor  know  as  soon  as possible, so that he can make alternative arrangements
•     Unless  previously  agreed  otherwise,  the  article  will  become  the  copyright  of the NAS
•     Your  article  will  look  different  once  it’s  on  page!  The  editor  will  have  had  to make it fit the space available, and may have needed to change it to fit with editorial policy, house style, etc
•    Remember that you are writing for the whole of NAS membership and anyone else  who  sees  the  newsfeed  –  so  this  does  not  mean  just  the  UK.  The audience is far-reaching! Try not to get bogged down with small details. Often it helps to pretend you are writing to your best friend (leaving out the slang)
•    Keep your sentences short and avoid technical jargon!  This is  a  members’  newsfeed,  not  an  academic  journal.  If  you  do  have  an  article that  you  think  is  worthy  of  academic  publication,  why  not  submit  it  to  the  International Journal of Nautical Archaeology for consideration?
•     At  times  it  will  be  necessary  for  the  editor  to  delay  an  article,  even  if  it  has been pre-arranged. This is usually an issue of space and should not be taken. The editor’s decision is final

•    You should send your article to the editor at
•    Articles should be sent as a Word document. The font should be Arial Narrow at size 12 and written in a single column. Please do not try to dress up your copy with fancy fonts
•    Remember to Include a title for your article and a byline
•    Images  must  NOT  be  embedded  in  the  Word  document  but  should  be  sent separately at 300 dpi. Any lesser quality cannot be published. Try to include a mix landscape and a portrait format of different pictures. All images must have a description and a credit

The Editor
The NAS online news is edited by John Cooper, if you would like any further information on writing an article or if you would like to discuss any ideas please contact him directly at