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Working at Lawrenny

ThWorking at Lawrennyis intertidal fieldschool, will work on a large wreck, located just a short walking distance of the Lawrenny village hall classroom and hostel and only 500m from a local hostelry. The wreck starts to become accessible around two hours after high water providing a working window of around 7-8 hours, however the beach is very muddy so wellington boots are an essential piece of kit!

Once exposed, the site extends to an area of around 23m x 8m and consists of substantial timber frames interconnected with other major structural timber members, planking and a multitude of interesting features from which the style and type of vessel can be determined.  One side of the wreck has collapsed and lies flat on the beach making it ideal for carrying out 2D survey work. During your fieldschool you will have the chance to complete planning frame drawings of this section, contributing of a mosaic of this side of the site. The other side of the wreck stands around 2m high and is ideal for carrying out 3D survey work.

Remember you can join the NAS for the fieldschool in Lawrenny, whether you are working through the ELearning programme, you wish to refresh your skills, collect data for a NAS Part 2 report or for fieldwork experience to count towards your Part 4 Diploma. Don't forget if you are attending the fieldschool as part of your ELearning course, you will need to complete the theory elements before taking part.

Where is it? The fieldschool will be based in Lawrenny Village Hall, Lawrenny, SA68 0PW and accommodation is available in the adjoining Millennium Hostel. For further information on the hostel and to book accommodation, please follow the link below Further accommodation options are also available in the local area.

Qualifications and Equipment:  This is a dry fieldschool so there are no additional qualifications required.  All neccessary survey equipment will be provided on the fieldschool. Just remember your wellies!

For more information or to book a place on the Lawrenny Fieldschool, please contact the NAS Office or download a booking form.