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Wreck at Holyhead

With a base at the Holyhead Sea Cadets, during this fieldschool you will record a small intertidal wreck. When exposed the site extends to an area of around 14m x 6m and consists of timber frames interconnected with other major structural timber members with some iron fittings.  There is also a substantial section of wreck only a short distance from the main site. Extending to a maximum height of approximately 1m above the beach, this is an ideal site to carry out both 2D & 3D survey work.

Working at Holyhead

The wreck is lying on a beach which consists of a combination of stones and firm sand and is accessible from around one hour after high water providing a working window in excess of 8 hours. This offers plenty of time to complete survey work on site, each day.  Along with measured survey work, during the fieldschool you will also help complete a planning frame drawing mosaic of the entire site. 

Remember you can join the NAS for the fieldschool in Holyhead, whether you are working through the ELearning programme, you wish to refresh your skills, collect data for a NAS Part 2 report or for fieldwork experience to count towards your Part 4 Diploma. Don't forget if you are attending the fieldschool as part of your ELearning course, you will need to complete the theory elements before taking part.

Where is it? The Holyhead Sea Cadets classroom is located at T.S Prince of Wales, Newry Beach, Holyhead, Anglesey, LL65 1YA. The wreck itself is located 3.5miles from the classroom but just 60m from the nearest parking area.

There are several different accommodation options in Holyhead, including hotels and bed and breakfasts.  The Holyhead Sea Cadets have also recently rennovated a hostel adjoining the classroom. So there should be something to meet all budgets and requirements if you would like to make it a weekend and complete both the Introduction and Part I Course Fieldschools.

Qualifications and Equipment:  This is a dry fieldschool so there are no additional qualifications required.  All neccessary survey equipment will be provided on the fieldschool.

For more information or if you would be interested in a fieldschool at Holyhead, please contact the NAS Office.