HMS Forth shipwreck found

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Spanish news agency EFE reports that the shipwreck of the HMS Forth has been found off the Yucatan Peninsula after 164 years on the seabed.

The remains of the ship were found by a team from Mexico’s National Anthropology and History Institute (INAH), headed up by marine archaeologist, Helena Barba Meinecke.

INAH said that the archaeological team discovered several metal items on the seabed pointing to a possible shipwreck.

On closer inspection, remains of boilers, machinery, shafts, propellers and anchors were discovered.

The 19th century former mail ship, part of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, sank on 14 January 1849, while sailing to Bermuda.

The ship was found in an area called the Alacranes Reef and the archaeologists speculate there may be more wrecks there to be discovered.

The organisation said that the research at the reef conducted between 2010 and 2012 turned up 25 shipwrecks and marine archaeologists are planning future expeditions there to explore the others.

Royal Mail Steam Packet Company was a British shipping company founded in London in 1839. It became the largest shipping group in the world in 1927 when it took over the White Star Line – of Oceanic and RMS Titanic fame.