Festival of Archaeology approaches

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Photo: The Festival for Archaeology aims to bring archaeology to everyone Photo: Council for British Archaeology

This year’s Festival of Archaeology is fast approaching and it will give members of the public an opportunity to get hands-on at over 1,000 archaeological events in the UK from 13 - 28 July 2013.

The Festival, now in its 23rd year, is coordinated by the Council for British Archaeology (CBA). Highlights this year will include the first chance to descend into the newly re-opened Victorian ice wells beneath the London Canal Museum and the opportunity to explore Shakespeare’s Shoreditch with the Museum for London Archaeology.

And there will be plenty opportunities in foreshore archaeology too.

On Sunday 14 July, a session to identify archaeological objects on the foreshore of the River Thames is being organised by Thames Explorer Trust at the Old Royal Naval College (http://www.ornc.org/).

The Thames Discovery Programme (http:// www.thamesdiscovery.org/) is organising an exclusive Tower of London beach walk on Friday 26 Jul 2013 which will discuss the archaeology of the Thames foreshore.

Then on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 July it’s Tower of London Archaeology Weekend, organised by Historic Royal Palaces (www.hrp.org.uk/toweroflondon) which is a free, fun weekend of archaeological activities and displays on the Tower of London's Wharf and foreshore.

The CBA says the festival is a fundamental opportunity to communicate to the general public the crucial role they play in helping to protect and understand our heritage.

According to recent CBA research, it’s estimated that there are 2,000 local archaeological societies and community archaeology groups with over 200,000 members across the UK.

Many of these organisations, including NAS, are involved in the Festival, and play a vital role in sustaining our heritage for future generations.